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OhhhhNoooo Sun 14-Apr-13 20:36:35

3 year old (just) DS will go to the toilet/potty and sit on it. If he can do solids he will and will tell us if he needs to do this (however, we miss the weee prior to this as it often is done in the nappy/pants a few seconds after he says he needs to go).

Our issue is that he will sit on the potty with nothing happening then get off. 5 seconds later he's wet his pants.

Alternatively, you ask him and he'll say no and then hey presto within 5 mins he's wet his pants.

If (and that's a big IF) he says he needs to go wee it's running down his legs as he speaks.

Here's an example.

We sat him on the potty and he did solids and wees. EVeryone happy.

30 mins later there's a puddle on the floor as he's just gone. We then change his pants and get him to look us in the eyes asking him to tell us when he needs to go. He says he will.

1hr later we set him on the potty (under protests of I don't need to) and he does nothing. 5 mins after this his pants are wet.

This continues all day every day.

I'm running out of clothes for him. He's got special big boy pants which he likes.

Its as if he doesnt care or know when he's about to wee then just goes.

Any advice?

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