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Scared of the toilet/potty

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PeggyL Fri 12-Apr-13 08:15:11

My DS is 3 in July and we also have a 3 month old DD. DS goes to nursery a few days a week and about 6 weeks ago they said he seemed ready to be trained so I said go for it (I wasn't in a rush, especially as DD was such a big change for him). He had a few successes and a lot of accidents, but never really got into it when we were at home...after a week, nursery suggested we stop as he just didn't seem interested at all and kept doing it in his pants, so we stopped. Nursery said that he got quite upset when one of the girls suggested he try the toilet/potty since and kept saying no, so we've not pushed it at all (although my DH does ask him occassionally when he'll start using the potty (he also doesn't seem to have a dirty nappy at all on the days he's at nursery). Last night, DS had a dirty nappy just before bath time, so we cleaned him up and just left him without one as no point, he got quite upset about this. DS and DD had a bath together as usual and DS did a bit of a poo so we got them both down where he crouched down on the floor, grabbed him quickly to try and put on the toilet and he kept his legs straight and started screaming, sat him on potty and he didn't do anything for age, then got him ready for bed and he did it in his nappy...I know this isn't really unusual, but what can I do to make him feel more reassured about using the potty? I'm not interested in rushing him if he's not ready but I don't really know what signs to look for (he's aware that he needs a poo, goes off and does one, tells us after), but also he seems to get quite upset and I'm concerned that he's associated nursery with not doing it and that this may be a negative link? Any suggestions greatly appreciated xx

PeggyL Sat 13-Apr-13 10:10:06

Can anyone help?

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