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Back in pullups after 5 months potty training ?

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helibeli Wed 10-Apr-13 22:03:06

Have been at end of my tether. My DD started potty training just after 2nd birthday and was brilliant for 3 days. I decided to carry on when she was at childcare the next week (regular of one day with my parents, one with sister-in-law and 2 at nursery). They were all very supportive and helped and after a while she was doing ok. But not with me ....

So my Fridays off with her and our family weekends have been a constant battle with her about it. Really tried not to show any disappointment or be cross with her but know that I've slipped up from time to time. Especially when everyone is in a rush in the morning to get to work / nursery and I want to try and build a routine of her having a wee before we go out anywhere. I can ask her every half hour if she needs a wee and she'll say she doesn't then a minute later will do it in her clothes. I've tried sticker charts, chocolate buttons, treats, books, her favourite toy going, everything but she just does not respond to over cheering. Very very independent young lady!

At all childcare they say she goes off to toilet herself but she's only ever asked me about once or twice.
Also if she does have an accident, she'll only say afterwards but isn't bothered if she's walking around in wet clothes.

I decided to put her back in pull-ups last week after 5 months as have been so stressed about it and know that she is picking up on this. I haven't asked her once if she needs a wee and we all seem to be a lot calmer. She hasn't really been bothered about it but nursery made me feel really bad about doing this when she went in today.

I really don't know what to do - whether to let her go in pants to childcare and just have pull-ups with me and then try again in a while ?

Any help much appreciated as feel like the worst mother at the moment.

Clueless2727 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:10:00

Ask her, does she want to go back. I did with dd, got her potty conditioned gave up as stressful for everyone. Tried again 3 months later, she did it in 1 day and was dry at night. Ds has been dry for over year and has recently started having wet pants all the time got very defensive, Know shouldn't go back as can use toilet perfectly well, decided to try and potty train at night even though still wet and seemed to have solved daytime problem, stickers etc did't work for him either

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