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Help with bizarre potty phobia

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williwonti Wed 10-Apr-13 09:45:50

DS will be 2.5 in June. Started potty training 3 weeks ago. He is doing great with wees and will tell us when he needs to go so no problems there. Had a couple of accidents but obviously that's normal. BUT got 2 issues which can't resolve. Firstly, he will not sit on the potty (or toilet seat with insert) so every single wee has been standing. This would be fine except for the fact because of his position in front of the potty, unless I am leaning him forward, it just simply goes down his leg and all over his trousers. I've seen the boy urinals on eBay but can't buy them for everywhere he goes or carry it everywhere (they are fixed). Also, when we take him out, because he won't sit on toilets it's really awkward. Secondly, because he will not sit on the potty or toilet seat he isn't doing great with his poos. He either waits until overnight and does it in his pull-up or he ends up going in his pants after an hour of trying to "hover" over the potty.

Any ideas? It seems so cruel (for me) that he gets the physical training but hates the act of sitting on the potty. Fwiw, the only thing I can think of re the potty is that it clipped his skin on the very first morning but can't say I know it did.

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