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Feeling deflated and frustrated! Withholding poo!

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TexMex Tue 02-Apr-13 18:33:23

My DD is 3.1 and we have finally cracked weeing on the potty. She has some sensory issues so it has taken months of practice sitting on the potty and her getting used to the sensation (the potty was too cold, too hard, she used to cry at the sensation of weeing).

Alongside this she has suffered with constipation since 6 months and has been on Movicol since being a year old so poo has always been an issue, we can't seem to get her into a regular consistency or habit despite trying. So some days she goes twice, some days not at all and never at the same time so we can't predict when she'll go.

When we started potty training she asked for a nappy on to do a poo so I put one on and she would do one, which I praised her for. Over the last week she has managed to go on her potty a couple of times but has cried afterwards for various reasons, I'm wondering if it's the sensation but she says she doesn't like the noise etc! Today she has had complete meltdowns over pooing again and I feel back at square one! Has anyone any suggestions? Should we just go back to nappies for poos for now? I feel really fruatrated that she has done it and thought she would carry on but today has been horrendous, crying over going etc.

We are also going on a day out soon which will be very difficult to accommodate with potty stops so I think I'll need to revert to nappies for the day, has anyone had to do this and did it confuse things? I don't want her to stop weeing on the potty now she's just got it!

WaitingForPancakeDay Sat 13-Apr-13 16:12:14

I had the same with my DD and decided to relax entirely and go back to nappies. I have heard from a friend of a good approach. Yes to pooing in the nappy, then encouraging them to poo n the nappy but sat on the potty, then the nappy is open and laid over the potty and the final step is no nappy in the potty. Apparently it works well. I intend to make a start this week. We travel every weekend so that's been putting me off too.

So far, I have a car seat insert to catch wee, a book for toddlers from amazon, reusable training pants and toilet seats. I thought we might try going straight for the real thing this time.

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