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Any good books to help with potty training??

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extracrunchy Tue 02-Apr-13 10:57:17

DS 2 this week, we're going to start thinking about potty training!
I'm a big reader of books and guides for this kind of thing - probably just confusing myself, but feels reassuring...
Any recommendations for good potty training books (for parents and for little ones)?

happydutchmummy Tue 02-Apr-13 11:32:51

I got dd the little princess I want my potty book by tony Ross.(search for it on amazon). She is now fully potty trained but still loves reading it.

We didn't use any adult books, so can't recommend any. But I would also recommend getting a pottette plus portable potty - invaluable for trips to the park, car journeys, etc. and it also acts like a toilet seat so they don't have to touch skanky public toilets! It's been my lifesaver. Hope that helps. X

extracrunchy Wed 03-Apr-13 00:46:24

Thank you! It does smile

LinusVanPelt Wed 03-Apr-13 01:13:13

Dd loved this book. It's simple, silly and sweet, and the child doesn't look particularly like one gender or the other so it's good for either.

The last page is just the word "undies!!" and all different fun looking pairs. It was a great bit of incentive for dd as it was the first time she seemed excited about getting her own undies.

The other trick we used was what we called a "well done box" - a shoebox decorated with fun giftwrap, filled with cheap little treats, like stickers, toy cars, new crayons, small colouring book, plastic animals and dinosaurs, and party favour type stuff. At first, she got to choose something from the box every time she successfully used the potty. The goalposts slowly moved as she progressed - after awhile she got to pick something from the box for using the big toilet when we were out and about, or for keeping her undies dry for a whole trip into town, or for a full dry / clean undies day, etc... whatever she was finding a challenge at the time. We made a bit of a ceremony of presenting her with the box and wondering aloud what she would choose, and she really loved it. She'd start planning in advance what she was going to choose 'next time' so it worked well for getting her to think about using the toilet before she urgently had to go.

We kept re-stocking it for as long as it helped, about three weeks in all (and really, she didn't accumulate much more treat-wise than she would have anyway, they were all small things most little kids would have anyway), and when she didn't really need it anymore we let it come to a natural end when all the treats were gone. I was a little worried about how we'd finish with it, but we just started acting all excited about how close she was getting to 'getting all the treats' - she was proud instead of upset to get to the end of it.

extracrunchy Wed 03-Apr-13 09:17:57

Love the box idea! Will definitely be trying that.

cheekyginger Mon 15-Apr-13 21:54:12

Usbourne books do a potty training book. One for boys and one for girls.....awwwwww.

I've not started yet but it was given to me by a friend and she swears by it. Think you can find it on amazon smile

WorkingtoohardMama Mon 15-Apr-13 21:59:20

Ladybird do two lovely books - princess polly and pirate pete - dd loved the polly one, they've got a sound button that cheers, and it's got a nice bit about accidents and getting there in the end; also just remembered 'potty poo poo wee wee' about a dinosaur who poos and wees everywhere, both ds and dd loved it (because its a bit cheeky!)

We had loads of books, but think they were the most read.

INeedThatForkOff Fri 26-Apr-13 14:08:05

I too swear by Princess Polly's Potty. I was dreading potty training but DD loved this book so much that it has been more or less a non-issue. I'm planning to buy Pirate Peter when it's DS's turn.

inifar Fri 18-Mar-16 23:13:13

I found this good list of potty training books
We love "Aliens love underpants"

inifar Fri 18-Mar-16 23:29:15

PS, I would love to hear any new ideas for helping kids recognise when they need to poo and encouraging them to do something about it? My DD has being getting to the loo to do a wee for almost six months now with no trouble. But EVERY single day she has an accident with poo. She doesn't seem particularly stressed or worried about it, just won't tell us its happening. She doesn't even seem uncomfortable with it in her pants. We've read loads of good books (mentioned in the link above) which have helped with weeing but are beginning to run out of ideas for the poos!!! No reward charts, presents, sticker or sweets seem to incentivise....

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