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Day 3 - how are we doing?

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SunsetSongster Sat 30-Mar-13 22:10:27

Hello. DS is 2.5yo and today was day 3 of potty training. The first day we thought things were going really well as he did a poo in the toilet first thing but since then he has been either pooing in his nappy when he wakes up or in his pants during the day. It's fairly obvious when he is trying to do one so we tell him he should get on the potty but he just gets upset and stops.

He's been doing ok for pees but we have to constantly remind him and sometimes he only goes on if I bribe him with chocolate it's a bit of a struggle. First thing as well he has been getting upset and refuses to put on pants for about 10 minutes. If he has an accident he also asks for a nappy.

Is this normal? Are these signs that it is too soon? He is reliably dry for long periods but he doesn't ever ask to go. He will be back in nursery on Tuesday (so we will have had 5 days at home) and I don't really want it to be traumatic for him if he's not ready. Thanks.

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