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How do you handle the not-quite-ready stage?

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Bobebo Mon 25-Mar-13 14:44:07

DS is almost 2 yo.

He can say poo / pee. He sometimes announces that he's done something, but not consistently and not before it happens. He does however like removing his clothes and nappy and sitting on the potty or toilet seat, but it's pure luck if he does anything, he's just practicing and almost never does anything on the potty or toilet . He likes to remove his nappy and sit on the potty after doing a poo or pee.

I don't think he's ready for toilet training and thought I'd wait a while, however this business of pulling his nappy of its happening a lot if we're just at home and not doing much. When out and about he will use his nappy and not mention anything or try to remove it.

Any thoughts?

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