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Naptime when potty training

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Emsmaman Wed 20-Mar-13 10:59:47

About to embark on potty training and have a question about nap times - do you put a nappy on before the nap? DD is generally dry after naps but afraid she might do a wee straight away on waking or if she wakes during the nap, and freak herself out with a wet bed. We have major sleep issues with her so afraid of making the cot an even more scary/anxious place than she seems to find it already. DD is nearly 2yo. TIA.

TheThickChickPlottens Wed 20-Mar-13 18:51:55

I did for the first few days as a precaution. When I noticed that the nappy was dry, I started leaving her without it. We had an accident twice or three times a over the first months , but only when she'd refuse to use the potty before the nap.
Reminding her of the bed wetting was enough the next day to get her back on the potty before a nap if she was refusing again. There hasn't been an accident in ages and she's now night dry too. We are about 8 months post-training now.
She was 2.6 when we started.

Best of luck!

Emsmaman Thu 21-Mar-13 12:17:58

OK thanks!

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