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Am I doing something wrong? Day 3...

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ChunkyChicken Sun 17-Mar-13 19:02:33

She finally wee'd (after a 7hr wait inc a nap) and ON THE POTTY!! She promptly did half a poo on the potty again too. She was v pleased with herself so maybe she's getting the idea...

ChunkyChicken Sun 17-Mar-13 16:48:16

Sorry, posted too soon.

She will willingly sit on the potty. She wants to do it. But she is holding on to her pee for HOURS. 5hrs yesterday for example and then wets herself. She says 'oops soaking' as its running down her legs. We're promoting drinking more rather than focussing on the lack of wee, but it slightly concerns me that she is holding it in so much.

She has a sticker chart & special stickers as she loves them but I just can't get the timing right to catch her 'producing' so I can praise her up & reinforce the behaviour.

What am I doing wrong??!!

ChunkyChicken Sun 17-Mar-13 16:41:33

DD is 2,10 & is ready in all senses of the meaning but we're on day 3 & not doing well.sad

I had planned to start today as DD has been denying poos & wees and I was fed up of the arguments over nappy changes. We had tried training last August (she was 2,4) but I didn't want to force things if she wasn't ready & put her off, & she really seemed to prefer nappies then. My DS was born early Nov, otherwise I might have attempted potty training again before now.

I had drawn up a count down to 'pants & potty day', bigging up wearing pants, how she'd be a big girl etc etc and she decided 2 nights ago to start using the potty/wearing pants. She had a birthday party yesterday so I put her in pull-ups for that to avoid setting her up to fail but otherwise, nappies/pull ups only at night.

We've had half a poo in a potty yesterday (with the other half in pull-ups) but nothing else.

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