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would you wait til after hols to start?

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omama Mon 11-Mar-13 22:24:24

I think ds 2.7 is about ready to start potty training. He knows when he poos, can pull his trousers up & down & his nappies are staying dry for hours.

We're going on holiday next month & its a 7hr car journey each way & a week somewhere unfamiliar. Do you think it would be wise to wait til we're back before starting? If we do it now, what do i do about the car journey? I don't really want to confuse him with pull ups but its a v long way & dh will be horrified if ds diddles in his new car....

DorsetLass Mon 11-Mar-13 22:35:57

Give it a go and see how he gets on - if a disaster then just give up and try when you get back. With regard to the car get a 'potette' folding travel potty with bags - brilliant solution for car journeys (amazon and mother care). Much easier I go away without nappies! Good luck!

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