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DS 2.3 cries when he sees himself weeing without a nappy on

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milkyjo Mon 11-Mar-13 14:10:47

I am hoping someone may have some ideas as to why DS does this. I have never made a fuss when he has done it in the past. Sometimes when he stands up in the bath and the water trickles down he thinks its wee and gets upset too. Is this a sign of readiness for potty training or something else? How can we overcome this, should I leave his nappy off and eventually he will not get upset or will this just make the situation worse? He understands a lot and I am able to explain that it is fine and he calms down. He has some potties but will only sit on them with his trousers on eg. when I am doing a wee. We have not actually started any form of potty training yet as I am due to give birth to DC2 anytime now and I've heard they can regress back to nappies when a new sibling is born so there'd be no point. Any advice would be grateful, thanks.

grants1000 Mon 11-Mar-13 23:38:09

Watch Daddy have a wee? No fuss, just Dad to wee normally might help? And leave the potty training till the Summer and after the baby, a few months of double nappies is much less hard work than a new born and potty training! Might help him to know and see how boys/men wee.

milkyjo Wed 13-Mar-13 16:05:41

Thanks grants. He does watch Daddy wee but not very often. I think I'll just leave any start of training until he has got used to the new arrival and then go in all guns blazing!

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