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Pull-ups - helpful or hindrance?

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Rockchick1984 Sun 03-Mar-13 13:01:57

I'm hoping to start potty training DS soon (he's almost 2 - I'd prefer to leave it a bit longer but for various reasons it's better if I can do it sooner, and he's showing all the signs of readiness). The problem is he goes very naughty and bored if we don't go out for more than a day or so (even if we do lots of fun activities) he's just a very outdoor type toddler.

My plan had been to have a couple of days potty training in the house, then put him in pull-ups and take him out but still be offering the potty etc as often as in the house. If I started this on the Monday I could go out Wednesday and Thursday then spend another day in on the Friday.

Is it going to be too confusing for him though to be put into pull-ups so soon, will it ruin any of the work we've done in the house?

Also, a tip I was given is to put him in undies in the house if I'll be using pull-ups so he's used to having to take things down - is this good advice or am I just creating unnecessary washing for myself?

Argh, why isn't this simple!!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 03-Mar-13 13:10:03

I found that in the first few days if DD had anything on her lower half she forgot about the need to use the potty. So, we started off with just a bare bum, then just pants in the house and then very easy-to-pull-down clothes out of the house. It took about 8 or 9 days in all to be pretty reliable.

Barbeasty Tue 19-Mar-13 11:05:31

My HV suggested putting pants inside the pull up. That way if they have an accident they feel the wet fabric against them, but you only have to change a pair of pants and not a full outfit.

It worked ok when we had to go out in the early days, and really helped for the car journey to nursery etc.

southbank Tue 19-Mar-13 11:26:26

I have mixed feelings on pullups,my dts are just 3 and dry In the day but I use pull ups at night time as we aren't anywhere near being consistent at night yet.
Pullups ate great at encouraging the use of pants in respect of getting them to pull them down to go on the potty,but because they are basically nappies they don't feel uncomfortable wet and continue to wee in them.
My amazing cm was instrumental in getting my two dry,we kept coming up against hurdles but basically we did this.
My dd mainly wore dresses and no knickers,we found if she wore knickers she would wet herself,as it was summer we let her wear as little as poss.we also found if either child wore anything tight or clingy,tights,leggings,jeggings or anything closely cut they would wet cm suggested just wearing loose tracksuit trousers,a couple of times they wet themselves but it felt uncomfortable as they were wet and baggy,she pretended not to have a change of clothes with her and left them wet for a few minutes.This had the desired effect of making sure they told her or me if they needed a wee and just reminding them about how uncomfortable it isvin wet clothes.
Within a few weeks they were both dry,and I originally had nonplans to potty train both at the same time but ds just copied dd on the potty and has had less accidents than dd.
Taking them to the toilet literally every 20-30 mins also minimised accidents even when they insist they don't need to.

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