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Help to move on a bit with training DS, 2.10

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anniroc Mon 25-Feb-13 20:43:16

DS is 2.10. We started training a month or so ago. It's going veeerry slowly. We started because suddenly he really liked Elmo's Pottytime DVD. On the second day of training he did several wees in the potty and toilet - I was ecsatic!

Since then its been downhill. He just does the odd wee in the toilet after a lot of prompting from me (not a clue about pooing) and otherwise we just have accidents when he's in pants.

I don't want to stop as there is clearly some understanding, and he loves it when he gets it right, but he still can't tell me when he needs to go.

Any advice as to how to move things on gratefully received.

MatchsticksForMyEyes Sun 03-Mar-13 13:17:36

My ds is 2.9 and I'm having similar problems. He will sometimes tell me he wants the toilet and 9/10 will poo or wee if he sits on it. But he's having loads of wee accidents and yesterday did a really loose poo that went everywhere. He is still in nappies when we go out. I don't know whether to wait a bit longer before giving up the nappies entirely. Just wanted to sympathise really!

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