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DS 3.3: day 1 potty training - do I give in?

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QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 14:44:17

DS is completely developmentally on track and switched on, but is almost phobic about potty training. We've left it and left it (even though over last summer when he was 2.5 we dabbled and he was reasonably competent for a couple of days) but he's showing no sign whatsoever of being interested - in fact, the opposite.

We've been building up recently by increasing the level of bribery to three Spider-Man toys in the hope that it becomes an attractive enough prospect for him positively to want to get on with it. Today was the first day of cracking on and it hasn't been good:

* hysterical sobbing at having pants put on, then a good half hour's silent treatment;

* hysterical sobbing at having pants removed to sit on the potty;

* hysterical sobbing and clinging onto me when I first lowered him onto the potty - dealt with by having Spider-Man on at the same time and a bit of chocolate button bribery;

* he has on two occasions now sat on the potty for a good session - around half an hour I'd say - but it's almost like he holds it in because the minute I put his pants and trousers back on, he's done a wee (x2) and just now a poo.

Is this a normal start to proceedings or is it still too early? I'm sorely tempted to throw in the towel...

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