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BIG Toilet Problems!? Anyone?

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AmandaNov10 Fri 22-Feb-13 12:54:42

Hey Everyone,

DD is 2.3 and this is the week after the big potty training week. Everything was going really well, started last Monday, and after the usual first few days by the end of the week she was either dry or having just one accident. No 2 happening regularly mid-morning and we'd even managed out of the house - happy days!!

Last few days I'm trying to get her to go on the big toilet and we've got the special rings. Ordered them from Amazon do when the box came she opened it, we made a big fuss blah blah. But since I've been putting her on it she's doing the tiniest little pee pee then having an accident about 20 minutes later. Last 2 days I've been putting her on the toilet every 30 minutes and both days she wet herself at 11:30 and 12:00. Number twos are not happening now till 5pm, like she's holding it in then doing it in her pants!!

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I just go back to potty for a few days and try again? Help!?

grants1000 Sat 23-Feb-13 10:49:09

First of all I'd back off, sounds like you've gone from zero to intense in a hearbeat! Every 30mns, sounds a little OTT for me and very confusing for her, putting her on the loo when she does not need it, she might think why am I here? Where am I supposed to wee and poo, the loo or potty but I'm on it every 30 mns!! Do you see what I mean?

It's early days and she is very young for potty training, maybe leave it a few months until Spring/Summer and it might not be so much of a battle. It's a gradual process and too much too soon os very confusing. Stick to the same light, fun routine, don't chop and change, lots of children feel much safer and more secure on a potty that a big massive loo where their feet can't touch the floor. Maybe a sticker chart for poos on the potty would help? Also leave her alone on the potty, standing over here is too much pressure for her to perfom!

AmandaNov10 Sat 23-Feb-13 12:33:45

Thanks for your reply. I know she's young, I'm 35 wks PG so just wanted to try her for a few days to see how she got on, events so well I stuck with it. Had 5 accidents in total yesterday, worse than day 1!! But today were only using the potty and so far no mistakes! Fingers crossed!! Xxx

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