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DD 2.4 not ready?

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curiousgeorgie Mon 18-Feb-13 16:21:01

Decided to start potty training DD and after only one day I'm doubting if she's ready.

She always asks me to change her after she goes and has good language skills. Weve been 'playing' with the potty having toys go on it and sitting on it watching tv etc.

Today she's not managed to go in the potty even once. Everytime she stands up from it she goes on the floor and doesn't seem to take it in when I tell her to do it in the potty. It's like she doesn't even know she's doing it.

Is this just classic day 1 or does it sound like I should give up for a while?

I'm expecting DD2 in June and really wanted DD to have cracked it long ago by then!!

LeChatRouge Mon 18-Feb-13 16:25:45

Do you have to use a potty? You could try putting her on the loo every half an hour, this worked with mine. I didn't bother with a potty.

I literally put them in pants only, made sure they drank loads and whipped them off to the loo every half an hour, saying Wee time, come on, here it comes, weeeeee etc etc very firmly and enthusiastically. For first week, followed by a sticker.

She is old enough, just need her to get the hang of it, keep going!

curiousgeorgie Mon 18-Feb-13 16:32:46

If you just used the toilet, how long did you stay in the house for and how did you manage trips out? (if you don't mind me asking smile) ony because I was thinking travel potty for long journeys etc...

slimyak Mon 18-Feb-13 16:34:25

DD1 was about 2 when I thought she was ready. She randomly had a wee on the toilet just before bathtimes and knew when she needed her nappy changing. I didn't push it as if pushed in anything she resists ( can't think where she gets that from) but still did random toilet trips and pre bath wees. At 2.5 she got up one morning and said she didn't want to wear nappies anymore and she didn't day or night, with practically no accidents. Easy job! The week of widdle training just isn't my thing.

It sounds like your in usual day one of training, so don't worry about it. DD2 is now asking for the potty and toilet ( copying big sis) and often sits on the potty and gets up to wee on the floor. I think it's a release thing, the link is there and if you can cope with mopping up tiddle I'm sure she'll get it. She'll definitely have it by June!

LeChatRouge Mon 18-Feb-13 19:08:35

george I think we stayed close to home for the first week, until I was able to get to the stage of asking and them replying yes or no. Or went to the shops and still popped to a loo every half hour for an attempt.

curiousgeorgie Mon 18-Feb-13 21:19:42

Well, we had a little bit of progress this evening!! 3 wees in the potty (but almost accidentally while sitting on there playing / being read to / watching tv...)

She was very excited at how happy I was though!! smile

loubielou31 Mon 18-Feb-13 21:28:22

DD2 was about that age when we first tried potty training. She was rubbish!!! Things were pretty shaky and then we moved house it just got worse. So we stopped and waited until 2 years 9 months, done and dusted in three days, day and night!
I would wait until after the baby is born if things aren't going well. DD1 was potty trained when DD2 only about two months old, it was fine because she was definitely ready.

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