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Toilet trained 5 year old ds toilet troubles

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Bunnygotwhacked Fri 15-Feb-13 14:18:32

We have been toilet trained about 2 years now though our nighttime breakthrough was over Christmas break. Anyhow after they went back to school he started wetting the bed again. Fair enough perhaps he is more tired etc but the last three days when he has gone up to get changed for bed he is weeing in his trousers. I have kept him home today to keep an eye on him thinking it might be uti but he hasn't had a wee at all since his early morning one have kept him drinking as normal and keep asking him if he needs the loo offering to go upstairs with him.
I don't think it's him playing and getting distracted as there are no puddles or wet patches downstairs but his trousers are completely soaked. Any experience with this anyone all ideas accepted

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