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Help with Potty Training

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Shelster84 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:40:58

Hi ladies. Just wondering if someone could give me some advice. Ds is 2 and a half and I introduced him to the potty back in December and we started off really well. He was really proud of himself whenever he did anything and I rewarded him with stickers. If hes naked from bottom down he happily goes and uses the potty when ever he feels the urge but as soon as you put pants on he's just wets himself. He's in pull Ups at the moment so he never tells me if he needs a wee or poo when wearing them and happily walks around with a pooey nappy. Am worried if I move him to big boy pants he'll have numerous accidents and worse poo which will be very messy if we're out in public. Just not sure where to go from here.
Thanks ladies.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 14-Feb-13 13:47:06

He got off to a flying start so you must feel a little frustrated he's on a plateau. I'd hold off another 6-8 weeks or even longer if the penny isn't dropping, (sorry). Warmer weather is a help both from having him comfortable bare or in fewer layers, and a laundry viewpoint! Extra space in garden as well as indoors to practise in.

If you feel he can communicate and is ready then amass all your patience. Find 4 days when you two can be housebound and put him in just 'big boy' pants. Later on, when he recognises when he needs to go, and manages, then inexpensive trousers or shorts - but ditch Pull Ups. Don't get cross if he has an accident, just say oh dear, did you forget to tell me it was time to use your potty? Someone advised me, have more than one dotted round the house/alfresco to start with.

He's liable to get preoccupied by games or tv so you need to prompt him. Masses of praise and stickers when he uses the potty; "Shall we tell Daddy (or whoever he's close to) what a big clever boy you are?" for extra reinforcement.

If he does have an accident while out, well, he won't be the first pre-schooler to have that happen. Always take a change of clothes and wet wipes.

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