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Anyone go "cold turkey" on a controlled night time nappy poo-er?

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QTPie Sun 10-Feb-13 13:24:19

DS has been toilet trained since October half term (3.5 months?). He took to wees in the potty (and then toilet) very quickly. He refuses to do poos in the toilet, though. Very quickly he got into the habit of doing them in his nap/bed-time nappy. We talk about it, he knows that big boys and girls (mummy, daddy, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Elmo...) all do poos in the toilet. I ask him if he will tell me when he next needs a poo and he says "ok". "So we can do the poo on the toilet", "ok". Then I leave him for his nap, two minutes later he either says or runs in and salts "poo in nappy!". I change him, he goes to sleep. DS has just turned 3.

He often has a wee before bed and won't do the poo on the toilet then, but will do it 5 minutes later in his nappy.

I have had him in the bathroom with me when I have done pops. He has been offered EVERY incentive under the sun (chocolate, ice cream, stickers, reward charts, driving dady's car) to do a poo on the toilet: just refuses them all. Have tried the Pooland things too. Nothing.

9 times out of 10 he will do a poo in his nappy at (well after being out down) nap time when he is put to bed by DH or me. The times he doesnt is if he is really tired (sometimes he will then do it during the night). We have a part time nanny (who puts him to bed at nap time two days a week), he has never done a poo for her. He was in daycare at a ski resort for 9 days (a week ago) and no poos there either. We spent most of the past 3 weeks in a very different time zone (7/8 hours behind UK time) - he still did his poos at nap/bed-time: proving he is controlling it and doing it on routine time and not "biological" time. Same thing since we got back: poos miraculously snap to the right time zone...

He doesn't have accidents: very well controlled - amazing infact. He just point blank refuses to go in the toilet.

Recently he has started to come in and say "poo in nappy" a second time (first time there is poo - and he has been changed - second time the isn't).

I think it is a control thing and a bit of an attention seeking game too. I can't not change a poo-ey nappy sad. Try not to talk to or engage him during the change.

It is beginning to get me down sad

Am wondering about going "cold turkey" and taking away the nappies. HOPING that he won't do it in his pants! Maybe just naptime first. Has anyone tried this? Successfully? Maybe I need to get some very cheap pants and PJ bottoms...

In some ways it seems like a good idea: maybe "cold turkey" will work brilliantly, but am worried that it could drastically backfire (lots of accidents and accidents all times of day or possibly constipation).

Experience? Thoughts?

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