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Forgetting to take down trousers

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JoinTheDots Fri 08-Feb-13 17:43:01

Hello. We are on day 4 of potty training, and it has gone really well, two accidents on day one and none since.

However, she cannot seem to remember to pull down her trousers/tights and pants. So if I am not there to pull them down for her, she will sit on the potty and begin to wee or poo in her knickers before shouting for me when she realises something is wrong.

I keep reminding her, and am trying to get her to pull them down if I am there helping her, but she is not very coordinated and struggles.

Any tips, or just keep reminding and practicing? She is 2 years 5 months by the way.

batul Fri 08-Feb-13 20:13:58

Hi I am Batul I am a parent of 3 kids two boys and one girl all r under 5 my first boy he is 4 and girl 3 years and third one boy he is 9 months but my first boy who is with born as a downsyndrome got speech delay and most important thing is toilet training he is 4 year now but still dont have any feeling like he wants to go both for vivi and poo whenever I keep Kim without pamper he will do on carpet or the floor and do vivid everywhere he likes he is getting help from occupational therapy but as I am concern more to give him as soon as possible so I really need help in these issue thanks waiting for u r response.thank u

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Feb-13 20:31:15


TheHappyCamper Fri 08-Feb-13 20:40:40

I think you need to pull them down for her. The aim is wees in the potty. Dressing/undressing comes later.

We still help dd aged 3.9 about half the time. It's on our list of things to sort out before school in sept!

PhyllisDoris Fri 08-Feb-13 20:45:03

If you're T home, I would make it as easy as possible for her, and let her run around in tshirt and knicks, so it's easy for her to get them off quickly. And poster above is right - get the her using the potty/toilet reliably first, then concentrate on the getting dressed/undressed bit later.

Believeitornot Fri 08-Feb-13 20:50:26

When at home don't bother with anything on the bottom half.

It's actually quite tricky for them to do until a bit older. Tights are quite fiddly - I struggle at 31 blush

Snowflakepie Mon 11-Feb-13 16:02:08

My DD is 3.1 and can't pull them down either. So she is still quite young and you will need to help her. I was advised to get larger sizes for training, so DD is wearing age 5-6 today and they are a bit looser and easier to pull. Also nothing over them as we are just starting.

You need to get her to recognise the signs a bit earlier so you have time to get the clothes off before she goes. So maybe a sticker or reward chart for times you get it all off, but in truth my DD doesn't really care for those. The other thing, is that sometimes a few weeks can make all the difference. DD has had other issues anyway but decided herself that she wanted to use the potty in the week of her 3rd birthday. With nothing on she had no accidents but couldn't seem to read the signs when she had pants on. We were so busy with birthday activities that I decided to wait until half term when I could do nothing else, it was only a few weeks. I spent some time getting her to pull her own clothes on and off while still wearing nappies, and getting her to use the potty anytime we did take off the nappy. I noticed the nappies were getting drier and drier, and she always went on the potty ok. Day 1 today with pants on, one accident and 2 successes, and she can hold it for about 2 hours. I think that's a huge step forward for us, and am hoping by the end of this week she will be able to go to preschool and activities in pants.

The other thing that she seemed to like was choosing pants with a character on that she loved, in her case tatty teddy, and when she did have her accident I said after that tatty didn't much like getting wet, could she try to remember to pull him down first. The next time when she did make it, she was full of how tatty was still dry and her tatty soft toy gave her a hug to say thank you. Silly I know but sometimes the funniest things get the message through. Good luck!

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