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AAAAAAaaaaaargh!!!!! 3.5 now and STILL nowhere near

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duchesse Thu 07-Feb-13 15:33:33

DD3 is supposed to go to school in September. She will be 4 years and 3 days old.

Most days now she is weeing 6-7 times a day in her pants and pooing 1-2 times. She simply doesn't bother to go to the potty, just pees where she is.

We went to France for 4 months where she hardly ever wet her pants. She went to school there 4 days a week, and came home with pants in a bag maybe 4 times in that time. She also slept through the night. And her eczema went.

Back home since Christmas and her eczema is back, she's waking about 2-3 times a night and she's re-become almost completely incontinent. She gets to the potty on time maybe 2x a day at most.

There's no way she can go to school like this in 6 months' time. What the heck can I do about it?

WowOoo Thu 07-Feb-13 16:00:18

I had the same panic as you feel now about potty training. But, it was all OK and it will be for you.
(ds refused to use toilet, withheld poo etc. Then one day he got it. About 2 weeks before school. Argh!)

6 months is ages. Plus, you know she can do it as she's done it before.
Does she need a bit of time to settle into things in the UK?
Is there any part of her routine that you differently now.

The weather here is so crap. No wonder her eczema has come back. Mine also disappeared in France and came back when I was in UK.
Poor thing and poor you. I hope she gets back into the swing of things soon.

duchesse Fri 08-Feb-13 17:04:32

My slight worry is that her 3 older siblings all went to school peeing in their pants, and were not really dry until they were 6/7. Let's just say that this is not an area of giftedness in our family.

I'm worried the poos are here to stay too with this one. Also perennially worried about her sacral dimples, which the paediatrician thought nothing of when she was discharged from hospital, but still...

WowOoo Fri 08-Feb-13 17:16:22

Maybe you are right and it's your family or genes. Don't stress.

It happens, but schools are used to it. Dc both had accidents early on. You can only do your best, can't you?smile

What are the concerns about her sacral dimples? Ds1 had quite an obvious one. I was a bit worried but it's kind of disappeared over the years. get it checked again if you're worried.

duchesse Mon 18-Feb-13 09:11:49

<crossing fingers>

I had a conversation with her last Wednesday about how she wouldn't be able to go to school if she was still wetting her pants repeatedly. I also started giving her a jelly bean every time she sat on the potty, whether it was a productive trip or not, and since then, we've had not a single pair of wet pants. Remarkable. She even wore the same clothes two days running!

<Keeps on crossing fingers>

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