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When do I start?

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Willsmum79 Tue 05-Feb-13 05:47:56

DS is 13 months old. I started to think about potty training when I read an article that said Vietnamese babies were mostly potty trained by the age of 1 and then my MIL said DH was on the potty at 1 (although not out of nappies?!?!?).

So my questions are: When the hell do you start and are there any signs to look for?

At the moment DS hates nappy changes. In fact, it's torture for us both. I find it difficult holding a child down without him turning over AND putting a nappy on or cleaning him up! Bought Pampers Easy Ups which are a Godsend when he has just got a wet one but at the moment he's filling up to 4 times a day and it's messy so need him on the changing mat, which as I've said is an utter nightmare. In fact, I am beginning to wonder that he doesn't mind sitting in his own filth. He just crawls off at lightning speed when he sees the change mat come out!

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