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If you try and it's too early then go back to nappies, is that the end of the world??

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AmandaNov10 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:26:43

DD is 2.2, I think she is ready for potty training she tells me when she's done a poo and sometimes a pee, can take her own nappy off, dry nappys after naps and in morning, great communication in general and we've had potty in the house for a while and she often comes to toilet with me, so all good!

Problem (?) is she won't sit on the potty for more than about 2 seconds. I've been trying to do the whole, sit on the potty when mummy is on toilet, when bath is running etc but she sits then literally stands up again. How important is this whole let's play potty bit? Would this put you off starting? Also, she's not interested in big girl pants, I've shown her them, said look st these pants like mummy's etc but she's just not bothered! Saying that I've bought pretty little white ones from M&S think I might need to get pink sparkly Peppa Pog ones!

I'm 31 wks PG and ideally would love to try to potty train her. Basically I'm wondering do I just try and if it's a disaster go back to nappys and try later, or is this a big no-no? What do you think?

emsyj Thu 31-Jan-13 22:31:07

We tried too early with DD and gave up after about 5 days and put her back in nappies. We waited another 4 months and she was dry within 3 days.

You can buy Peppa Pig knickers in Tesco and M&S wink - they worked for us!

DD was never interested in the potty, we went straight to the toilet with a little step up stool and trainer seat that sits on the toilet seat.

AmandaNov10 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:46:01

Thanks Emsy,

Funny you should say that, we've got one toilet seat thing, (pink and sparkly!) and she will sit on that for a while, maybe that's the answer?!

My gut feeling is give it a go, maybe! Ha!


Shakey1500 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:54:14

Not the end of the world at all grin

For what it's worth,i also didn't bother with a potty and bought a padded kids seat. Held him on the seat till he could manage it himself and went from there.

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