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HELP! Son (2.11) going backwards and I'm losing the plot.......

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gerbo Wed 30-Jan-13 21:14:47

Please advise.......

I started training my son (2.11 months) 10 days ago. He seemed to get it quite quickly, after two or three days he did most wees and also poos in the potty (perhaps 60 per cent) of his own accord. He would pootle in to see me in the kitchen with his pants down smiling and proud and have his chocolate button treat.

A couple of puddle accidents, but mostly little wet patches on his pants when he hadn't got there quick enough.

However, after around a week things went a bit pear shaped. I don't think things changed particularly, he just started doing all wees and poos in his pants, standing there not even running for the potty.

I've put him on it now and then for a 'going out wee' etc. and he may do something, may not. However if I mention the potty he completely ignores me. I probably have bent his ear about using it more since his accidents started - maybe a vicious circle?

I'm a bit ashamed to say that my patience levels probably haven't been great with the mega-puddles and poos. My daughter (5) found training really hard and after such a good start I suppose selfishly I was disappointed!

Anyone else who has had a good start and then gone backwards????

Such a bad day today (stuck in for whole week last week doing this, and i don't drive, so been going bit mad). Please advise, someone.........should I just shut up at him about using it, and make no comment when he has an accident??????

Thanks in advance.

lorisparkle Thu 31-Jan-13 12:15:07

My ds2 did the same and I wondered whether the novelty factor had warn off. The only thing that worked was rewarding dry and clean pants at intervals during the day and being very matter of fact about accidents. However my boys have far more exciting things to do than go to the toilet so it is a slow process!

jujumum78 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:37:55

I really feel for you! I've just started a new thread asking for help on what sounds like a very similar situation. After 7 days of success DS 2.3 started weeing and pooing in pants. I haven't tried rewarding for dry pants at intervals so will give that a go first. I too am getting fed up of cleaning mess! Am 28 wks with dc2 and finding it all quite tiring!

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