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3.1 DS seems to have had a breakthrough. Worried about nursery

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DS is 3.1, he's recently been asking for his nappy to be changed when he's wet or soiled it. Also, it's very rare for his nappy to be wet first thing, so he is dry all night (bit weird that, I think. He does have a bedtime drink, but 'saves' his wee till the morning).
So on Thursday I put him in Big Boy Pants and got the potty out. He had 2 accidents and that was it. Didn't really do anything on the potty but was happy to sit on it.
We were out on Friday, so I put him in a pull up. He stayed dry and did a big wee when we got home (potty). He then pooed in his pants.
Yesterday he was dry pretty much all day, maybe one accident, and did a poo in the potty (tiny one, think it was an accident!!)
Anyway, today he has been dry all day, no accidents and several wees in the potty. He has now also done a proper poo in the potty too.
He has nursery tomorrow, and I think their policy is that he has to wear pull ups. If I assume that today wasn't a one off (I kind of think it was though), will wearing pull ups set him back? Only, he is definitely very concerned about not wetting his Big Boy Pants, and I don't know that he'll have that level of concern for a pull up.
I'm sending him with a bag of pull ups and a few pairs of pants too, just in case.
What's normal for this sort of situation? He's at nursery 2.5 days a week, by the way.

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