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Poo problems.

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eskimosoup Mon 21-Jan-13 20:38:47

Hiya, my dd (30 months) has been dry through the day since just before her 2nd birthday, we followed her lead and she more or less did it herself in a few weeks.
She has been dry through the night for around 8 weeks, the problem is she will not poo on the toilet or potty.
We have tried everything, but she will still only pooh in a nappy, we tried a week of not putting nappies on her, thinking she would just try the potty and that would crack it but it backfired and she ended up with terrible constipation.
we blow bubbles on the potty, reading, stickers, rewards etc but she will just wee and ask for a nappy.
Also when she does have a nappy on to pooh she will hide, it's as though she's embarrassed. Any one else's child similar or been through this?

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