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Night time wee

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monstertufts Sun 20-Jan-13 19:01:05

Hi all,

DD was 3 last November. We did EC with her (i.e. potty training from birth), she was out of nappies in the day time at 15 months and is absolutely reliable during the day.

She's capable of staying dry at night too but we're not out of nappies, and I'm not sure whether I'm going about things the right way so wanted to ask for advice. For months I've been drumming into her the need to do wees in the potty rather than in her nappy at night: she knows that when she needs a wee, she gets up and tells Mummy, and she does do her best. However, every night there's this bedtime routine: I put her on the potty, she does a wee, gets into bed, put her brother (17m) to bed in the same room, DD asks for (and does) another wee before I leave the room, then I leave the room and shut the door. Then every 10 minutes or so, she gets up and asks for a wee, and usually does one - although often only a teeny amount. Sometimes this causes real problems because it prevents DS from settling, he cries, DD is even less likely to settle ... etc etc.

When I go to bed at 10ish, I get DS up for a feed and put him on the potty, then put DD on the potty for a wee too. All this happens without either waking up. I know that DD is capable of holding on for the few hours between when I put her to bed and when I put her on the potty around 10. So, do I try to discourage her from getting up in between (thereby possibly confusing her with conflicting messages, i.e. 'get up when you need a wee' vs 'stop getting up') or keep allowing her to sit on the potty and risk encouraging an overactive bladder?

If she gets up in the night for a wee, the every-10-minutes cycle starts again, only this time around 3am when I'm even less delighted about it :D

Any advice from parents who have been here would be very welcome.

Rebecca x

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