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Potty training for the moody/stroppy/aggressive toddler

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NeverQuiteSure Wed 16-Jan-13 13:26:33

Hello, I'm having some trouble with my very wilful 2.9 year old DD. I put her in knickers a couple of days before Christmas and we're currently lucky to get 1 success per day. Sadly, delaying is not an option for us as she started to develop a nappy-rash type itchy bottom and our GP feels the only way this will improve is for her to be potty trained.

Like your DD, mine has enough awareness to hold her wees and poos for many hours if we are out, frequently wetting/soiling herself in our porch as we arrive home. She also wees as soon as she climbs into the bath every evening. Mostly she refuses to sit on the potty or toilet at all. This, I think, is due to her feeling frustrated when she tries but nothing comes out. She seems to view this as a failure, even though I give her lots of praise just for sitting there.

I am the most laid-back Mum in the world WRT accidents and only ever suggest she joins me in the bathroom or sits on the potty/toilet, but she has become very highly strung about it all. She asked me for a nappy yesterday afternoon and today after getting upset after soling favourite items of clothing sad

She is 'ready' in the physical sense, I think she has put too much pressure on herself and I have no idea where to go from here.

Her older brother was the opposite - very relaxed to the point where I'd find he had been sitting in wet/dirty clothes for ages without bothering to tell any one! He was a little older (2.11) but was fully clean/dry in 8 days. My trick with him was getting him to help take his wet/dirty clothes off and take them to the washing machine whilst I cleaned the floor/got clean clothes. He resisted for 6 days, then realised that it would be less work just to use the toilet! I think this approach would make DD even more highly strung (plus, she already tries to help clean up without prompting) so have steered clear.

So absolutely no advice, but you are not alone.

Bluemonkeyspots Tue 15-Jan-13 20:30:33

Incase my title never gave it away dd is what you might call a handful. I'm still a bit confused as to why I'm training her when she already saps every ounce of my energy everyday.

She has been out nappies for 2 weeks now, brilliant when out the house I can take her to groups, part time nursery and the school run without being worried about accidents.

Last week she was good in the house( only a couple of accidents) but this week we have taken huge steps back. She never asks for the toilet in the house, i have to time it. Sometimes I time it right and she will wee and then ask for her choc button (her reward that she gets if she is dry and has done a wee) the other half of the time when i try to take her she will kick me to bits, scratch at me and go as straight as a board so I can't get her on the toilet, I will then give up and guaranteed 20 seconds later she has peed all over herself and the floor.

There is no way she will go back into nappies now but my house is stinking and my washing pile is huge, I am going through about 10 changes of clothes the lat few days.

Where am I going Wrong?

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