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How do you clean it up when your LO has an accident out of the house?

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estya Sun 13-Jan-13 14:29:57

I so far haven't had the guts to take DD out nappy free. she has been nappy free in the house for about 2.5 weeks now and hasn't had an accident since about day 4, so its really time we took it to the next level.

The thing thats stopping me is not knowing what is expected of me if (when?) she creates a puddle of wee in the supermarket/other shop/playgroup etc.
Am i expected to clear it up? Obviously in a playgroup I would, but in sainsbury's, should i just call a member of staff and expect them to clear it up (sounds a bit unreasonable to me but I don't fancy doing it myself while juggling an upset toddler and the baby, probably in the sling). Should I carry paper towels to clean up with?

What is the etiquette on all this?

NewYearNewNagoo Sun 13-Jan-13 22:34:26

My DS did a wee he was so excited to see a cardboard cut out of Sportacus in ASDA.

I asked for towel to clean it up but they got a man with a mop.

Apart from sportacus, we were ok.

Most of the time, we had enough warning to abandon the trolley and rush into the customer toilets.

screamingeels Sun 13-Jan-13 22:43:55

yup i think its a man with a mop job - as far as they are concerned its no different than someone dropping eggs or jar of jam - cleaner to aisle four. DD had a wee in B&Q when she first potty trained (accident not in bathroom display or anytjing), if the staff have kids they'll understand.

mysweetie Sun 20-Jan-13 18:17:11

If its just a pee, it is very easy to clean but the problem is if they poop when you are out of the house so we use disposable diaper when we are out.

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