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Day One encouragement needed!

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amazingmumof6 Sun 13-Jan-13 04:42:46

what a big boy!

bribing" and going bonkers with joy when he's successful is the way forward

1 smartie (or sticker star) for every wee in the potty, 2 for a poop

if he's nervous tell him it's like sneezing - mostly you get a tissue on time, sometimes you just can't bloody reach and it ends up biggie

we never really did the whole potty training, DS1 couldn't be bothered and didn't like it much, we stopped after a few weeks, then he went straight on to toilet with training seat (at 3 years old)
DS2 was a chunky lad, at his first try he did a pee in the potty, but as he stood up the potty was still attached to his bottom, which freaked him out. he never sat on it again and went on the toilet some months later (around 3 as well)

from then on I never bothered with a potty, also I heard that some people struggle with the potty to toilet transition, so we skipped it altogether.

but that's me, a lot of people do it and it all good. (I still remember my pink potty, loved it!)

1 tip for boys, if his willy keeps going above the rim, sit him back to front, the back of the seat is higher so he's more likely to succeed!

good luck! smile

MtnBikeChick Sat 12-Jan-13 19:50:33

Our DS is 29 months and we started potty training today. He has shown all the signs of readiness (telling us he needs to wee/poo before and after, etc).
This morning went really well - 4 wees in potty, 1 poop in pants. He told us he needed all the wees.
This afternoon less successful - 4 wees in his pants. I am kicking myself as after his nap our neighbour called round with her son and we were distracted, he was playing, another child was in his playroom, etc etc. He stopped telling us he needed to pee. Before bed he told me he won't go on potty as he is sad. He was upset by the accidents (though we were relaxed about it and told him it didn't matter), and didn't like it (saying he didn't like being wet, etc) but we are now worried he is worried about the whole potty training thing!
We have another clear day tomorrow and can stay in the house (though it is making us a bit stir crazy haha!). Slightly worried about nursery on Monday...
I know he has done really well but it is all more stressful than I imagined!

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