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end of day 3....end of my tether.

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chitter Thu 10-Jan-13 19:41:58

DD is 2.10 and started toilet training 3 days ago. decided to go straight to toilet rather than using a potty as I felt it would be easier than taking a potty out with us just in case she needed to go.
So far we have had one pee in the toilet and this was only after she had held for 5 hours and hopped on and off the toilet for over half an hour. it also required me to hold a piece of toilet paper against her to give the sensation of a nappy before she could finally let go.
If I ask her if she needs the toilet she is saying no but then wetting herself minutes later. on the occasions she says she does need the toilet or when I see her holding herself and put her on the toilet, she is holding on and just won't let go.
I have been using sweets as bribes and trying to keep calm but I am reaching the end of my tether and don't want to give in and go back to nappies as she has been requesting nappies on when she needs to pee/poo and telling us they need changed for months now which I took as a sign of readiness. she is also very pleased to be wearing pants and says she is going to be big and use the toilet she's just not doing it! she is quite stubborn and is used to getting her own way which is another reason why I dont want to put her back in nappies.
Can anyone advise me of anything else to try?

kissitbetter Thu 10-Jan-13 23:49:55

I know you said you didn't want to try a potty - but perhaps try a potty? There are folding ones for going out. My dd was always more comfortable on a potty, we had a throne type one and I guess she felt a bit more secure.

penguinplease Thu 10-Jan-13 23:53:02

I second trying a potty, my DS has been using the potty for a few weeks and is fantastic but is a bit scared of the toilet. We have a huge throne type potty and a portable one that I take out with me, it can be a bit stressful as he prefers his throne but so far we have had just one accident on the first day.
Carrying a potty around for afew months is not the end of the world...

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