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NoTeaForMe Thu 10-Jan-13 14:39:00

My daughter is 2yrs 3months. She's very excited about wearing big girl pants but not overly keen on sitting on the potty/toilet. We're hoping that once we start she will realise that she can't have one without the other!

A few questions before we begin...

Is it better to have the potty in the bathroom upstairs or is it ok to have it in the lounge for ease of access?

At the beginning is it ok to put a nappy/pull up on for when we go out and about?

I've read on here about giving a chocolate button or similar for every time they do something on the potty, does everyone do that? When do you stop? Could I just do stickers instead or not enough impact?

How often do you ask them if they need to use the potty?

Can we start off gradually? Ie an hour or so nappy free time a day and then build up rather than starting now and being housebound until she's dry enough?


grumpyinthemorning Thu 10-Jan-13 16:23:51

Ooh, I'll be watching with interest, been trying to potty train DS for a couple of weeks now (and epic fail the whole time)

loulourw Fri 11-Jan-13 19:07:10

With my daughter (23mths), I started her bare bottomed in the house and put potty's everywhere! Stayed indoors mostly for the first week. Initially asked her every 30-60 mins if she needed to go but most of the time she'd say no as she was busy playing. Would never force her to sit & if she said no id say ok but asked her to try for a wee at certain times and made her sit eg after lunch, before bath or before we went out. Most of the time she would go. By day 4 she would wander to potty herself, wee & then bring it to me! So she was learning when she needed to go. As she was going on cue at certain times I could start taking her out in knickers (no pull ups as she'd just go in it like a nappy) Always take her to toilet (with travel potty seat) when we get there & before we leave. Had loads of success staying dry when out. In second week we put her in knickers around hse & it took her a few days to remember she had them on & to pull them down. Once she got the hang of that I could put her leggings on in hse too. Still needs to master poos as she is a bit frightened to sit & do them. We do fancy stickers on potty and lots of praise. Special poo dance when she produces one. No sweet bribes as yet!

Good luck with it all. .

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