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Toilet training whilst attending nursery full time

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hidethebiscuits Fri 04-Jan-13 13:20:07

My DD (3.4) attends nursery five days a week (my DH and I both work full time, fairly long hours). We have been gradually toilet/potty training her at home, doing short sessions at weekends until over Christmas break (2 weeks) decided to go the whole hog and do whole days as she seemed keen and ready. Things were progressing well, a couple of accidents but mainly successful, we were happy and she went back to nursery this week in pants (though I did pack some nappies in her bag, too, just in case).

After two days in nursery she has not had a single wee or poo in the toilet, only accidents. The numerous changes of clothes I have packed in her bag every day have been used up and when I've gone to pick her up in the evening she has been in nappies. The nursery staff say that she's very happy to go and sit on the toilet but doesn't do anything, instead wetting/soiling her pants afterwards (though she does then go and tell the staff that she has had an accident). More worryingly, this morning when we were getting ready to go to nursery she was reluctant to put on her pants, asking for a nappy instead.

What shall I do? It's clear that for whatever reason, she is not weeing/pooing in the toilet in nursery (mornings and evenings at home are fine, she's happy to do wees in the toilet, haven't had any poos at home yet).

Should we go back and only do toilet training at home? How long for? Is it likely to be successful as we could only do it for a few hours a day (and weekends)? When should we reintroduce pants in nursery?

I would be interested in hearing how other working parents have dealt with potty/toilet training.

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