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Day 4 - to continue or not?? Advice please

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loulourw Thu 03-Jan-13 20:59:15

We are on day 4 of training. My daughter is 2 hits every single 'signs of readiness' accept for dry nappy for 2 hrs/after nap. Anyhow through play, she began weeing on the potty then announcing 'I done a wee!' so we began very casually ...
Took nappies off -
Day 1: 3 hits / 6 misses
Day 2: 4.5 hits (half a poo!) / 4.5 misses
Day 3: 4 hits / 2 misses
Day 4: 5 hits / 8 misses - nightmare as we have been at grandmas house and out dog walking plus daddy not as vigilant as me!

I haven't read any books so don't know if we are doing it 'right'. We are mostly staying indoors bare bottomed. I tell her I would like her to go before we go out, nap & bath time and she will relax & go in seconds. However she will just pee herself and look down at it as it comes at other times and doesn't tell me she needs to go. She can say 'I need a wee' but hasn't yet. A few times she has walked to the potty, sat & peed & las night she said 'wee again' then sat for a poo.

My concern at his stage is are we really successful if I am having to do all the reminding? How do I get this to turn in to her telling me? In between the ones I expect/ask her to go for, I try to back off as I want her to try and get the hang of it but so far she hasn't. Reminding her every 30 mins or so is pointless as she just says no. We are giving stickers & heaps of praise for treats.

Any advice, greatly appreciated

MammaTo2boys Sun 06-Jan-13 09:50:48

Keep going, I was ready to give in at days 4 and 5, but it does get better. I'm now on day 10, and DS1 goes to the potty whenever he wants a wee wee, but it's having a poo I'm having problems with.
It does get better almost overnight smile

Mum2Fergus Sun 06-Jan-13 17:12:05

Id hang in there, she'll soon catch on. As for reminding, I still prompt DS to go every hour or so and we're nearly a year down the line lol

loulourw Fri 11-Jan-13 19:17:08

Thx for encouragement. We did continue. At day 12 now and no problems taking herself to potty for wees indoors. We are now fully dressed at home and she pulls knickers down for wees on potty which I'm so pleased about. When outside she goes on cue when we arrive somewhere and again when we leave. Have the off accident as she still is not great at telling me when we are outside. Perhaps relies on me to take her to loo. Poos are our next hurdle. Any advice? Have caught them coming a few times and had her sit still and be patient so a few successes but mostly she holds it and does it in her knickers without trekking us until after x

BootsyTiddlywink Sat 12-Jan-13 09:46:50

Help! We started potty training a week ago (28mths) but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. We are using all of the tricks (stickers, bribery...) and she clearly knows when she needs to go as she starts whimpering and hopping from foot to foot, but refuses point blank to go on the potty. Then the inevitable happens and there are tears. I am ready to give up but is that worse? And to complicate things, the childminder is doing it in the week and has to put the nappy on for school run etc. I don't see an alternative - I can't take a month off work! We haven't been able to go out of the house the last 2 weekends. Miserable. Any ideas?

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