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Is this going to confuse him?

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sunnysunnyshine Sat 22-Dec-12 08:53:38

Ds 2.6 has been in pants for over 8 wks now....

He has always done most wees on the toilet as long as I sit him on it every hour (ish). Poos are a different matter! He never asks to go though, still.

We don't seem to be making any progress at all and when I'm busy and forget to put him on the loo we get wet pants. Poos are always in pants.

I've run out of energy (pg and tired and busy rushing around getting Xmas organised) and put him in a nappy yesterday as we were out all day and I knew we'd end up with accidents in town. He was quite happy to be in a nappy, didn't seem to notice. Told me once when he'd done a wee.

Hate giving up but shall I just try again in a few wks? Do you think this will confuse him? I'm happy to carry on trying if its the best thing for him but I'm not sure it's worth it...

Any ideas please??

bettyspaghetti33 Tue 25-Dec-12 05:54:45

There's no harm in putting him back in nappies and waiting a few more weeks. You need to potty train when both of you have the time and will to do it together and if he's not understanding when he needs to wee without you specifically putting him on the toilet he may not be quite ready yet now anyway.

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