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2 days in 28 month old, progress??

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thedicewoman Fri 21-Dec-12 21:31:08

started pt my DD yesterday, she's really happy to sit on the potty, but rarely actually gets anything in it. day 1 she refused big girl pants at first then asked for them and promptly did a wee in them! managed to get 1 sticker on day 1 by getting her onto potty midway thru wee.

so, day2 she appears to be stopping herself weeing as she had several incidences of a tiny bit of wee in pants and told me each time that she was doing a wee, but did no more when she got onto potty (frustrating!), several times she was standing right next to potty saying "wee wee" while watching it pour down her leg! however she got stickers for the little bits of wee I managed to catch from these occasions and was really pleased with herself, and she did lots of saying she needed a wee and rushing to potty but then didn't do anything.

so my question is, do you think this is progress? and should we continue to day3 tomorrow?? finding it very hard going!

notnowbernard Fri 21-Dec-12 21:34:14

I'd stop

She doesn't sound ready. Interested, clearly smile, but not ready

If you choose to carry on I'll wager you'll be doing A LOT of hassling reminding to use a potty/chasing her to the potty/changing wet knickers etc etc

I'd leave it a couple of months

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