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Problems getting rid of potty

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scarletfestivefingernail Thu 20-Dec-12 19:43:59

DS aged almost 4 has been completely dry in the day for 8 months and at night for 2 months. During this time he's had no accidents. He will happily use the toilet while anywhere and everywhere while out, but only for wees. At home during the day he will only use a potty. I know this must be laziness because of him using the toilet elsewhere.

I removed the potty completely a few weeks ago and he agreed he would now use the toilet. We have just the one toilet which is upstairs so he would wait until the last minute and leg it upstairs just in time.

The problem also is that he refused to poo. He held it for a couple of days and then started complaining of tummy ache. I relented and got the potty back out, I couldn't stand the thought of him withholding his poo.

He stayed with his grandparents for a couple of days last week and during that time didn't poo, he saved it for his potty when he got home.

What should I do about this? Do I make him go cold turkey and bin the potty? Shall I resort to bribery, extra present from Santa? Or is it not worth worrying about and something that he will do himself in his own time?

Dolallytats Thu 20-Dec-12 20:02:44

Does he feel safe sitting on the toilet for a poo? He may (if you haven't got one already) need one of those toilet seats for children. Also he may feel insecure if his feet are not on the floor.

My son is 4.5, but still poos in the potty as he only has a tiny bum and can't balance on the toilet properly (and is small, we haven't been able to get a step big enough!!). Maybe getting the child seat that you put over the adult toilet seat may help.

hohohohawthers Thu 20-Dec-12 20:07:49

Hi scarlet trying to remember what we did but I think I just did extreme bribery uping the number of marshmallows on offer until he did it in the loo all the time. After a while he forgot about the bribes

scarletfestivefingernail Thu 20-Dec-12 22:14:33

Thanks for replying.

He has 2 different seats to go over the main one but doesn't really like either...

I reckon bribery is going to have to be the way forward. It'd be great if he could start school next September with all this well behind him.

Biscuitsandtinsel Fri 21-Dec-12 06:59:39

Scarlet what sort of seats do you have for the toilet? DS1 tried a few before we found one that was comfy. We ended up with this from JL even though it doesn't get great reviews. It just seemed
To be the sort he was happiest on.

Does one of the toilet seats match his potty? Because then in theory it would be the same as sitting on the potty?

Does he ever do a poo in anyone's toilet or does he always hold it in? Does he mind when the potty is emptied in to the toilet? I'm wondering whether maybe a 'Poo goes to pooland' thing might help?Sorry, I think you said these things but am on my phone blush. He does wees ok other places doesn't he?

Other than that I think I'd probably have to bribe ds1 to do something like that! smile

whomovedmychocolate Fri 21-Dec-12 07:19:16

I have the same issue - DS loves using his potty because he can use it in front of the TV.

Father Christmas however now needs his potty for a younger child so it has to go on Christmas eve and will be replaced by some nice new books in the downstairs cloak and some stickers for the brave boy who uses it!

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