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Struck out three times with unsuccessful potty training....HELP!!!

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cutestgirls Thu 20-Dec-12 09:39:43

I am stressed out, anxious and physically and emotionally exhausted from all this potty training business. DD will be three in less than a month and STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED.

this is my third unsuccessful endeavor. tried once half a year ago. got nowhere she was totally not ready. tried again in sept. started getting somewhere but i got sick with a virus in middle and couldnt keep on top of it. just tried again now, strictly. but couldnt get from a to b. kept her home from playgroup for extended weekend fri - mon. by tue she was back in diapers in playgroup.

feeling very disappointed cuz REALLY tried to make it work this time. feeling a bit like a failure.

any advice please let me know

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