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How can I tell if my twins are ready for pt.

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PrincessMononoke Sun 09-Dec-12 20:54:32

Dt's are 29 months, both tell me when they are going for a poo but it tends to be during or just before rather than getting to a toilet/potty in time. If they wee in the bath they are aware of what they are doing and a little bit proud too. They sometimes hold on to their and crouch down - I think they are going for a wee then but again by the time I get to them it's too late.
Is it worth giving it a go ?
What do I do ?

candr Sun 09-Dec-12 21:08:00

Do they still nap during the day and are they dry when they get up? Can they tell you what is in their nappy before you undo it each time? Do they tend to be quite regular with when they go eg half hour after dinner as all these things make pt easier. Have you discussed it with them and do they want to give it a go? sticker charts work really well - small star for having a try and big star for doing it on potty - good luck.

3b1g Sun 09-Dec-12 21:12:57

I left it so long (after their third birthday) that my mother offered to potty train them for me. blush
Just to reassure you, they were both continent by the time they started Reception, and still

PrincessMononoke Sun 09-Dec-12 22:39:57

Thanks for your replies,
No they're not very regular no set time as to when they will go, some days I have noticed that they will be dry after lunchtime nap and ask them if they want to sit on the toilet/use the potty, we have had a few wee's but it is hit and miss and they prefer to run around with the Potty's on their heads pretending to be space menconfused
I will ask them if they know what is in their nappies tomorrow.
3b my nephews were potty trained a while after their 3rd birthdays too, just in time for pre school. Did you find they took to it really quickly ?

3b1g Mon 10-Dec-12 18:13:45

Sorry for delayed response, my 'threads I'm on' isn't working today. Yes, they were very quick to get the hang of it, with the added bonus that DD was also instantly dry at night too!

Smudging Mon 10-Dec-12 18:23:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessMononoke Mon 10-Dec-12 18:39:06

Thanks, I will give it a shot in a weeks time, we will be at home then and they are full of cold ATM so want to wait till they're well.

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