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Need advice on potty training my son please

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froggy91 Fri 07-Dec-12 16:03:54

Hi there i'm a mum of one happy little 23 month old son and i'm wondering if any could give me advice on potty training him. He tells me that he had done a wee a pulls at his nappy, so I brought a potty about 2 months ago so he could get used to it, I have been letting him run around without a nappy on for the past 2 days and he sits on the potty for 2 seconds and gets of i have tried reading,singing and putting him on the potty when i go but nothing seems to work. He just sits down and gets straight back up and wees on the floor. Has any one got any advice on how they potty trained their little ones will be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced x

familyfun Sun 09-Dec-12 15:39:25

dont try to potty train yet as he maybe isnt quite ready, he is telling you after he has weed which is good, but he isnt telling you when he needs a wee.

keep up the nappy off time, i did morning and night for an hour with potty nearby. if dd started to wee i quickly put her on the potty. then when she was using potty herself every day during nappy off time, then i put her in pants and went for it.

froggy91 Thu 13-Dec-12 18:03:28

Thank you for replying smile will give it a try with nappy off time and see how he gets on with that. Can I ask how long did it take for your little one to start going on the potty herself? Again thanks for replying and for the advice.

alarkaspree Thu 13-Dec-12 18:10:25

It sounds as if your son has the potential to be ready, in that he's aware when he does a wee, but maybe he's not really interested in potty training yet. It really helps if they are keen. You could try bribing with chocolate buttons or stickers but if that doesn't help I'd leave it for a while. 23 months is still early for potty training nowadays.

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