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Advice requested - Toddler scared of wee

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Ellytom Sat 01-Dec-12 15:20:54


I'm beginning to get worried and would value some advice. Ww started gently introducing a potty to my 26 month old girl a few months back. She wasn't that interested, didnt like it when she had an accident with a wee and showed signs of holding poos back so we just left it for a bit thinking she wasn'tthen ready,

This morning we had to take here to a&e as she had an extremely high temperature. The doctor wanted a urine sample and we had a very stressful time trying to get one. She hated having her nappy off and ended up getting so incredibly distressed that the doctor agreed we could take her home as her temperature had come down but he still wants the sample.

I'm worried this experience will put her back in terms of potty training even further. Any advice for how to get over the fears? Should we leave it longer or will that make it worse?

Many thanks

LaCiccolina Sat 01-Dec-12 15:26:19

Do u discuss wee and poo at all? Does she come with u to the loo? Do u say things like mummy needs a wee wee now! Does she hand u tissue to help? Has she seen her used nappy? Do u have pets that wee/poo/need cleaning? Has she noticed she wees in the bath? Tells u if wet?

Can u bring any of it into ur daily parlance if u don't? Really if she's not ready she will be at some point. Nobody hits 18 still in nappies. She isn't slow. Many kids are 3 or after.

Ellytom Sat 01-Dec-12 15:58:35

She's come with us to the loo alot, and we talk about doin wee wees and she has definitely seen her used nappies. We've tried to normalise it all as much possible, but the last time she had an accident she got upset for some reason and now it's become a "thing". I'm trying to be mega casual in general but perhaps it's not working!

You're right though - she's no way going to hit her 18th and still be in nappies! Guess I should just relax.

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