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Potty training dd1 when new baby is 2wo - bad idea?

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ellesabe Tue 20-Nov-12 21:20:18

Since dd2 arrived 2 weeks ago we have tried and tried to keep everything the same as much as possible for dd1 (turns 2 on Friday).

However it seems that dd1 is on a mission to 'move on' at the moment and is instigating a lot of changes herself. For example she has suddenly gone from having a 2 hour nap in her bed every afternoon to only having a 20 minute kip in the car, if that.

The new thing for the past couple of days has involved her telling us every time she does something in her nappy and asking to have her nappy changed. Just before dd2 was born, dd1 was going through a 'I don't want my nappy changed' phase and suddenly she is desperate to have it changed as soon as she has done something.

She says "done poo" (regardless of whether it's a poo or a wee - don't think she knows the difference), pulls at her nappy, says "need nappy change" and then either goes to her changing mat or goes to fetch a new nappy.

So my question is, are we completely insane to be contemplating potty training so soon after a new arrival? Has anyone done this successfully? Is there anything I can do to gauge whether the time really is right?

I'm keen to capitalise on her enthusiasm and follow her lead but really don't want to set ourselves up for a battle.

Any advice is very much appreciated - I'm feeling very out of my depth!!

1fish2fish Tue 20-Nov-12 22:07:00

it really does sound like she is ready to be potty trained but it is whether you want to do it with a big work load with the new baby. i think i would wait a few weeks at least untill baby is sleeping a little better at night and things have settled down a bit. my twin boys also dropped their nap right as they turned 2 btw as well, i really didnt want them to but all of a sudden they just wouldnt sleep....

1fish2fish Tue 20-Nov-12 22:08:14

good news with dropping nap tho is they started doing 13 hours at night, 6.30pm to 7.30am which was absolute bliss! x

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