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Pants, pull-ups or nappies?

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wetnoodle Sun 18-Nov-12 09:32:20

Have been letting DS (2.1) run around with no nappy since Friday. He's doing really well and now pooping in potty (no accidents, knock wood) and is starting to tell us when he wants to go. This is all a bit of a happy accident - thought it would take a few no nappy weekends to get this far.

So my question is, what do I do next? Should I put him in pants now or use pull ups? Or do I go back to nappies and keep this as a weekend/afternoon thing until its more established?

FarelyKnuts Sun 18-Nov-12 11:25:15

Don't go back to nappies if he has taken to it so well. Pants are definitely a better idea if he is managing the potty with pull ups at night maybe?

Bunbaker Sun 18-Nov-12 11:28:32

Definitely pants. We camped in the kitchen for three days while I potty trained DD. It meant that it didn't matter if she had an accident. Nappies are so absorbent that the child doesn't feel uncomfortable when wet.

5madthings Sun 18-Nov-12 11:30:49

Def pants have never used pull ups they are pointless imo. I just used to put a towel in puschair and car seat to soak up accidrnts tho you can buy special disposable mats.

wetnoodle Sun 18-Nov-12 13:56:39

Thanks everyone. What about at nursery? He goes 2x a week plus creche 1x for 90 mins.

I put pull ups on him this morning and it seemed to confuse him. Every time he wee'd he wanted a new one on. If I'm going to go straight to pants is it also a good idea to introduce a proper seat for the toilet? I bought a Buzz Lightyear one (his latest obsession) with the intention of "Father Christmas" delivering it and pants for Christmas. All of this was based on the assumption he'd be hesitant to get on the potty at all. He's a very stubborn child so I didn't really prepare for the next steps because I assumed he'd be really resistant

wetnoodle Sun 18-Nov-12 13:57:49

Oh and what about pottete it similar? Worth it or not?

theborrower Mon 19-Nov-12 21:20:26

I would go with pants - they can't feel if they're wet when they're wearing pull-ups (which are just nappies in disguise), and that seems to be key in getting them to make the connection between being wet and going to to the toilet before that happens.

we have a travel potty (Tippitoes) that a friend gave us, and it has come in handy a few times now when we've been out and about. We keep ours under the buggy. It's worth it for peace of mind I think. You might be able to get one on ebay, if you don't want to fork out for a new one?

wetnoodle Tue 20-Nov-12 17:20:00

He's in pants and is doing well. Made it to music class yesterday and nursery today. At what stage should I expect him to tell me he needs to go? So far I'm leading and asking every 10-15 mins and putting him on every 20 or so (more often if I know he's just downed a huge cup of water, etc).

Any thoughts on Pottete?

Zimbah Sun 25-Nov-12 19:49:52

I found the potette really useful for if we were out somewhere without loos e.g. at the park. Also it's handy for using as a loo seat on public loos if your DC doesn't like to sit on an adult sized seat. Some people find them a pain but for us it worked really well, I took along some hand gel to mine and DC's hands after too.

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