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Dd doesn't care if she wets herself

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Rhubarbgarden Wed 14-Nov-12 18:35:45

We've been potty training for weeks and weeks now and I've had about as much as I can take. Dd (2.5 yo) knows what to do but only bothers if she's bribed. Even then, it's only if she feels like it. If I don't bribe her she just wees on the floor and it doesn't bother her in the slightest. Everyone says "Oh she'll get it eventually" but WHEN? I'm at my wits end. I can't keep up with all the laundry and the skin on my hands is splitting from constantly wiping the floor. But mainly it's just so depressing - "dd do you need a wee?" "No" then 10 seconds later she wees on the floor. She's only taken herself to the potty of her own accord twice, a week ago. I thought Hallelujah but later that day it was back to accidents. It's so frustrating when if I wave a bag of chocolate stars at her she'll run to the potty, pull down her pants and wee. So I know she can do it. And when I ask her where do we do wees, she says "on the potty!".

Do I just give up and put her back in nappies? She loves her big girl pants. But I lost it this afternoon and shouted at her, and I don't want that to happen again.


BettySuarez Wed 14-Nov-12 18:50:05

If you have been trying for weeks and weeks then she clearly isn't ready?

Go back a step and try again the New Year?

MrsHelsBels74 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:52:50

We had this for a few days with DS1 before I accepted he wasn't ready & we stopped, it wasn't worth the stress. He's 2.9 now & I know he'll get it when he's ready. There's no hurry at this age & it's not a competition.

LynetteScavo Wed 14-Nov-12 18:59:21

I think she's ready.

So, the threat of going back into nappies might be enough. (I am s strong beliver of not going back to nappies once they are in pants, but I did revert with one of my DC at this time of year, when we were on a cold wet holiday in wales, with no washing/drying facilities, and they kept wetting. We went into pull ups untill new year, started with pants again and never looked back).

Personally, I never used sweets, just clapped a lot. Maybe a star chart would be more effective...when she has no wet pants for a whole day she can have a prize.

Rhubarbgarden Wed 14-Nov-12 19:07:06

I've tried lots of clapping, a star chart, stickers. They all work for a couple of days till the novelty wears off. I've resisted going back into nappies because everything I've read says don't do it it confuses them, but maybe you are right, perhaps the threat will be enough. If it isn't then I think we just have to throw in the towel and wait a couple of months. It's really getting me down.

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