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What's supposed to happen on day 1?

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EBDTeacher Wed 14-Nov-12 17:27:55

DS is 2.3 and we started today. Have prepped him a bit with 'Pirate Pete's Potty' and we have had the potty a while and caught the occasional poo.

Today I put him in big boy pants which he was very pleased with. However, every time I've asked him if he needs a wee it's been 'no way, mummy, no way'. We have had 4 accidents- nothing at all has made it into the potty.

He say's 'Ohhh wee' but only 2 seconds before he actually wees.

Is it too early or should I persevere??

choc27 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:29:36

When the wee starts to come out, quickly put him on the potty. If some of the wee gets in there then make a big fuss. This might give him a better idea.
We did it like this, and then he started trying to make it to the potty himself as the wee came. Then it progressed to him stopping the flow after a little bit had come out and then going to the potty to finish. Then soon he started going before any wee came out first.
Hope that makes sense!

EBDTeacher Thu 15-Nov-12 13:42:29

Yes it does- thank you!

Basically sounds like housetraining a puppy. I'm trying to catch his 'signs' today. Walking round in a circle sniffing the floor? I've caught two wees that way.

For some reason I though it might be more sophisticated than dealing with the dog I don't know why as nothing else has been grin.

gnocci Thu 15-Nov-12 13:53:52

We started by just having nappy off for 15-20mins before his bath. We'd then take his potty in the bathroom and say "right you sit there while I run the bath". If he did a wee during this time we made a big fuss and said "that's right, well done, wee wees go in potty!!" and give him a gold star to stick on his potty. We then progressed to an hour, and then also an hour in the morning. We got him a book to read and would also talk about the potty A LOT i.e. "where do wee wees go?" "In your potty??" "That's right! well done!!" etc etc. Once he was doing all his wees during these times in his potty we ditched his nappy completely (accept for nap and night time).

Poos are a different matter for us though but we are getting there....!

familyfun Thu 15-Nov-12 13:58:58

yes, we did a week of nappy off time before bath and when dd started using potty at that time, we did 2 days nappy off in house till she got it, then moved onto clothes.
i did her a sticker chart and gave her a sticker for each success, but for myself i noted the times too so i could judge how often she weed.
i only offer the potty just before we go out, other than that i leave her to ask/go herself.
we are on day 13 and still tackling poo problems,

EBDTeacher Thu 15-Nov-12 19:30:40

Thanks all. It's intersting because a lot of people seem to say to go cold turkey and that even the sight of a pullup will prolomh the agony.

We have been much more successful today so I am going to keep building it up. Oddly poos are not a problem at all as he is very regular so we are both pretty prepared for them!

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