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Brilliant at wees on potty but witholding poo and now an issue.

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gnocci Wed 14-Nov-12 11:12:22

DS (almost 2) has done absolutely brilliantly with wees on his potty. He's been dry quite a while now and is out of daytime nappies.

However he WILL NOT do a poo on the potty. He runs around like a loony desperately trying to hold it in. Will sit on potty saying "poo poo" but will then jump out shouting "no no no"" and start crying.

It is now causing him pain and he will only do it in the bath at the end of the day but still with lots of tears. I suspect it is now hurting him to go so in effect we have entered a vicious circle of dont want to = hurts to poo = dont want to poo.

Having spoken to some other mums and toddler group etc I understand this is very common, particularly in boys. I have ordered some books off Amazon for toddlers all about poo and am hoping this might remove some of the fear.

We tried to buy some fibrogel (or similar) in the chemist but the chemist wouldnt sell it to us as we said it was for a toddler. He said we needed a prescription.

Anyone been through this?

choc27 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:32:00

Have you tried reading Poo goes to pooland? Give it a Google x

gnocci Thu 15-Nov-12 13:11:49

I did have a look at that choc as I saw it mentioned on another thread. However I think he is a bit too young to understand the concept of it. Also it is black & white (the one I saw was?) and I think he needs colours etc for him to be interested in it. I'm not sure he would be able to associate a black squiggle with a brown smelly poo!!!!!

This morning we did have our first poo on the potty! Hooray! He did cry and went a bit red in the face (poor thing!) BUT he did do it. I've bought some prune juice and apricots (both of which he seems to like) so am hoping to try and soften things up so it doesnt hurt him. Hopefully this is a big step in the right direction.

gnocci Fri 16-Nov-12 12:46:12

Well thought I'd update this in case anyone was having a similar issue...

After his first poo on potty yesterday morning he has done two more today with no issue at all!! Hooray!! I was so worried this was going to be a major problem but he's dealt with it quickly. Was very chuffed with himself today. He must've been holding a lot in - he's done four HUGE ones in less than 24 hours! Poor thing!

Davinaaddict Fri 16-Nov-12 12:56:54

We're having that exact same issue - no poos since he did a massive one on the carpet the other day blush He's always been very shy about poo, and now I think he's a bit scared of doing one sad There was a bit of a fuss, as we had his aunt and uncle round at the time. But we keep persevering, so it's great to hear your success story grin

Kimhibberd1 Mon 17-Jun-13 19:58:55

My grandson 28 months is having this most distressing problem. He has mastered the wee bit but has total melt down when it comes to poo. He will hold it for days and is then so upset and is unable to function as the happy well adjusted little boy he normally is. He is as pleased as punch when he's actually done it and will tell you every time without prompting that he will do the next one in the big boy toilet.
His mum has tried everything except the laxative route as he doesn't seem constipated.
I know everyone is looking for the magical solution but I've read so much and can't find one. Is there one???

Tinyflutterby Tue 18-Jun-13 15:10:39

Oh I have exactly the same problem! My ds is 22 months and in the last week has been peeing quite happily with very few accidents, but terrified of sitting long enough to do a poo, resulting in 100 trips to potty per day and him doing nothing, then poo landing on floor out of his sheer desperate need to go and him getting incredibly upset.

I am 4 months pregnant and am finding the multiple trips every two minutes exhausting, however am keen for training now before his little brother or sister arrives. I know he's ready as he doesn't even need reminding to go, he asks himself and in only a day was quite happy to pee. I use nappies at sleep times only and now he won't even go for a pee in them, he asks for the potty, so I don't think going back to nappies is the answer. Some of my friends/relatives have suggested I do this.

I am trying just to be as encouraging as possible, very gentle and telling him I'll stay right with him. This morning I resorted to giving him raisins if he sat a bit longer and he actually managed to do a bit of a poo in the potty, so I gave him a very small present as a reward. I havn't resorted to laxatives or anything, but will try fruit etc. if I feel that becomes an issue.

Not worrying about the big toilet as yet, as it's easier for both of us - me not having to lift him and him being able to sit comfortably with his feet on the floor.

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