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Help needed: why is my child having accidents again?

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midwifemumof2 Mon 12-Nov-12 17:07:10

I am at my wits' end! My daughter was potty trained in a week aged 2.5. No problems since, and she's now just 4. A few months ago we started getting wet knickers, but not full accidents, although we might get very wet knickers several times a day and then not for 3 days. This seemed to stop after a couple of months.

Now we are finding she has full accidents, several in the last few days. Today she came home from school totally wet, and then wet again twice within an hour of being home.

She doesn't have a UTI. I have tried everything. I am trying so hard to be cool about it but when she's wet within 3 minutes (as today) of going to the loo and having new knickers, it's so frustrating.

Any ideas?

QTPie Mon 12-Nov-12 20:36:27

Have you spoken to her teacher? Does she/he have any ideas?

How long has she been at school? Any othe big life changes recently?

How about going back to rewarding positive behaviour for a while? Sticker reward chart and then a treat for x days dry?

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