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Have I confused him by putting a nappy on?

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newtonupontheheath Mon 12-Nov-12 16:27:39

Out of the blue last Tuesday, ds decided to wee on his potty. Since then, we've mostly stayed in and he's had very few accidents with nothing on his bottom half. He's finding poos more tricky, but think we are getting there slowly

I popped out and picked some pull ups up for when we went out at the weekend. But as we've got loads of nappies, and they're pretty expensive, I stuck a nappy on him today when we went out for some essentials.

This afternoon, we've had several wees in the potty (no poos as he pood in his nappy this morning) then

2 wees into his hands ( knew he was doing it but wouldn't (?) use potty)

Meh. I'm a bit lost with all this... Have I complete confused him? He's only little (2.1)

capecath Tue 13-Nov-12 12:37:53

To me it sounds like he is exploring what his body is doing rather than being confused by a nappy! Personally though, think it is better to try to only use nappy at sleep times for consistency, because I do think it can cause confusion - kind of like saying it is ok to wee in your pants... sometimes... and then he is also not learning that he needs to think about what his body is doing. We're also currently going through it though so no expert!!

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