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Does this sound like progress?

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capecath Mon 12-Nov-12 16:23:55

Busy potty training our 2.3 year old DS after getting frustrated with unhappy, kicking child during nappy changing and sore bottom, also regular wees on potty every night before bath.

We're on day 5 now, and have gone from weeing every 15 mins to taking him to the loo every hour or so, where he will usually make himself wee. Only 1 or 2 accidents per day now, but mostly poop! Today he woke up from his nap quite unhappy saying he had "made a mess on the floor" but there was no poop in his (sleep time) nappy. I knew it was his poop time of the day (this has been regular for a while), so was expecting something. He sat on the potty and did a wee, then put on pants. 5 mins later, we were about to start play when he said he needed to do a poop on the potty - great! He then sat on the potty for about 15 mins, did another wee, and we read books to keep him distracted, but no poop. Put pants back on, got up to play. He seemed quite anxious during this time and was reassuring himself "it's alright" until soon afterwards he did a poop in his pants which made him very distressed!

Guess I am wondering if this distress is progress or not...? He has had a few other poop accidents but has not been this upset by it before. Also he is not yet telling me he needs to loo - should I leave longer gap than 1 hour to allow him to tell me? Any tips appreciated, thanks!

capecath Tue 13-Nov-12 12:42:18

Ok big success this morning with a massive poop in potty!! He told me he wanted to poop in potty and sat on it. Small poop came, asked if he was finished and he said no, then sat there until it all came out - brilliant! He was a bit scared by it though, but still, happy mummy smile

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